Valida Patient Review


Reviews the patient’s record each time it is opened and in a fraction of a second:

1. Undertakes risk assessments such as the chances of this patient developing complications from a current problem such as diabetes or of developing cancer.

2. Considers whether the patient meets treatment and outcome recommendations for a current clinical module.

3. Identifies where a patient should be considered for other clinical modules.

4. Flags up where routine screening is required for this patient.


Running seamlessly as the patient’s record is opened in EMIS, Vision or SystmOne, the Mosaic Patient Review provides the healthcare professional a summary of the patient’s healthcare needs and risks. If there is time in the consultation, these needs, if any, can be addressed. If there is not sufficient time, the patient can be asked to make another appointment or come back to see another member of the team such as the practice nurse. The Mosaic Patient Review ensures that prevention and optimum management of current problems are always in the foreground.

Valida Decision Support
Mosaic Patient Review
Reviews each patient record at the start of each consultation, undertakes risk assessments such as cancer risk assessments and identifies whether a patient should be considered for particular assessments, a clinical module or a clinical referral pathway.

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Extensive range of clinical consultation support modules based on NICE adapted to local requirements for patients who have one or more clinical condition.

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Extensive range of referral pathways that are based on local standards for patient referral management.

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