Valida Decision Support

Valida Decision Support in consultation for health professionals: The UK’s leading integrated decision support already improving clinical outcomes and reducing inequalities in 98% of general practices in New Zealand.

  • Imagine a patient consultation, where your primary patient record system:
    • Throughout each consultation compares all the information in your patient’s clinical record with the CCG’s localised version of a library of current NICE guidelines.
    • Identifies where your patient is at risk and suggests a treatment pathway, from asthma and depression, through to stroke/TIA.
    • Identifies where your patient is failing on treatment and suggests the next steps in the local pathway, to support your clinical decision.
    • Identifies when a referral is appropriate
      • based on local referral criteria,
      • automatically populates a locally agreed referral pro-forma with a full clinical summary of all the patient’s relevant information,
      • which can be sent electronically with only one or two clicks of your mouse,
    • Lets a specialist in primary or secondary care carry out a virtual consultation.
    • Supports you to create a goal orientated care-plan tailored to the patient’s current needs.
    • Codes and writes everything back into the patient’s record.
    • All in Real-Time.

  • Imagine an NHS where:
    • The technology makes the consultation process more efficient.
    • Outcomes are improved with patients treated to evidence based guidelines.
    • Costs are reduced because of
      • Improved prevention and clinical outcomes for patients,
      • Reduction in inappropriate referrals,
      • Appropriate use of medicines and other interventions,
    • Secondary care has the supporting history and investigations to manage the patient.
    • Risk is managed and you are assured within consultation.
    • Wide range of clinical pathways based on NICE and other recognised guidelines.
    • Customised to local requirements.
    • Fully integrated into the standard workflow within the GP patient record system.

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Valida Decision Support developed around English NICE guidance and used in 98% of practices New Zealand Average of 118,000 hits per working day or 29.5 million per year
Reviews each patient record at the start of each consultation, undertakes risk assessments such as cancer risk assessments and identifies whether a patient should be considered for particular assessments, a clinical module or a clinical referral pathway.

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Extensive range of clinical consultation support modules based on NICE adapted to local requirements for patients who have one or more clinical condition.

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Extensive range of referral pathways that are based on local standards for patient referral management.

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Valida Decision Support is licensed from BPAC CS LP