Valida Reporting

The Valida Reporting are a set of reporting tools developed by clinicians for clinicians. Valida Reporting, developed by Albasoft, Inverness, Scotland, is an auditable financial reporting tool. Valida Reporting is a suite of risk stratification and quality reports.

Four compelling reasons to use Valida Reporting in your Practice:

1. Enhanced Services contracted under the NHS standard contract require auditable reports for the CCG or other commissioning body to be able to pay for the service delivered under the terms of the contract. Valida Reporting allows you to produce effortlessly auditable financial reports.

2. More than 9 out of 10 GP practices say too much bureaucracy is involved in claiming payments for services they deliver. [1]. Valida Reporting allows the practice staff to produce auditable financial reports within minutes on a couple of mouse clicks.

3. Valida Reporting helps you identify where the practice is missing out on potential income because of unrecorded activity or miscoding.

4. Developed over the last 10 years and used across Scotland.

CARE IS manage installation, training and a helpdesk ensuring that implementation is fast and efficient and practices have access to the support they may need, normally limited.

CARE IS provides a consolidation service so that the GP Federation or commissioning organisation receives a single consolidated financial report for all appropriate enhanced services and all member practices in a CCG, federation etc.


Valida Reporting is a clinical and administrative reporting tool designed by working GPs to allow their colleagues to monitor and manage their progress towards agreed health goals for the CGG or federation. These targets may be clinically driven for quality of care or performance driven to optimise funding.

How does Analytics work?

Analytics is a secure, internet based application that combines performance, stability, security, accessibility, and ease of deployment and maintenance. Data from the Patient Record System is processed and analysed daily, and reports applicable to a user’s role and access rights are available at any time. Functionality integrated directly into the reports allow Analytics to interact with the PRS to set alerts and establish patient recalls. Thus risk stratification can be undertaken alongside the quality reporting metrics. Key differentiators include:

1. Predefined suite of reports agreed with the CCG or Federation ensures immediate usability “out of the box” and consistency across the health economy.

2. A suite of additional reports available for those who want to undertake further quality assessments.

3. Data from the Valida Decision Support is incorporated into the data warehouse allowing clinicians and commissioners to examine the use of the best practice guidance from the Valida Decision Support and its impact on referrals and clinical outcomes.

4. Data warehouse of patient identifiable information kept in the practice.

The application is configured and implemented to ensure practices retain control and oversight of any patient identifiable data, while pseudonymised data is consolidated and made available to the CGG for population level reporting. Read More (link to the information governance white paper).

Our Evidence More Information

Valida Decision Support developed around English NICE guidance and used in 98% of practices New Zealand Average of 118,000 hits per working day or 29.5 million per year
Reviews each patient record at the start of each consultation, undertakes risk assessments such as cancer risk assessments and identifies whether a patient should be considered for particular assessments, a clinical module or a clinical referral pathway.

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Extensive range of clinical consultation support modules based on NICE adapted to local requirements for patients who have one or more clinical condition.

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Extensive range of referral pathways that are based on local standards for patient referral management.

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Valida Decision Support is licensed from BPAC CS LP