Long Term Conditions Management

The Long Term Conditions Management module, known as the Common Form, was developed by BPAC inc to support the Long Term Conditions Management Programme.

It is a standards based tool designed to assist clinical review, disease monitoring and clinical management while emphasising speed and ease of use. The Common Form combines features from the Diabetes and CVD Management modules in a dynamic format that changes based on clinical information recorded in the patient record or as data is entered into the form.

Advice is based on the appropriate guidelines published by NICE and other relevant national guidelines which can be adapted to meet local pathways and practice.

Progressive CKD stage 3b

Components of the Common Form:
  • CVD
  • CKD
  • Diabetes:
    • Retinal screening
    • Diabetic foot risk assessment
  • Depression
  • Lipid management

Based on creatinine results in the PMS, Mosaic Care suite classifies the stage of kidney disease, calculates the rate of decline of EGFR and makes recommendations for treatment and referral.

Common Form

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Reviews each patient record at the start of each consultation, undertakes risk assessments such as cancer risk assessments and identifies whether a patient should be considered for particular assessments, a clinical module or a clinical referral pathway.

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Extensive range of clinical consultation support modules based on NICE adapted to local requirements for patients who have one or more clinical condition.

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Extensive range of referral pathways that are based on local standards for patient referral management.

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