Fastest Trial
The TIA stroke module was evaluated within the FASTEST trial (Efficacy and Safety of a TIA Electronic Support Tool) Published in Neurology (Ranta A, Dovey S, Weatherall M, O'Dea D, Gommans J, Tilyard M. Neurology. 2015 Apr 14;84(15):1545-51)


The implementation of the primary care based TIA/stroke electronic decisions support tool can improve TIA guideline adherence and reduce the risk of early recurrent stroke without compromising patient safety.


Multi-centre, single-blind, parallel, cluster randomized controlled trial (1:1) in New Zealand comparing management with and without Mosaic Consultation electronic decision support. GP initial diagnosis TIA or stroke (all included in analysis regardless of final diagnosis).


  • Improved adherence to best practice guidelines. Improved counselling.
  • Clinically important and statistically significant reductions in TIA or stroke at 90 days and any vascular event and death at 90 days.
  • Significant cost savings (NZ$1,479 per patient).
  • No increase of adverse safety events.

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