Valida Referrals
Valida works alongside your patient management system of choice. When you need a referral, just select from our library of over 200 forms for all major specialties. Valida Referrals selects appropriate patient demographic information, allowing you to complete the referral based on local referral criteria, and automatically send it to the appropriate place.
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Valida Care Navigator
From first contact, on the phone or at the desk, Valida Care Navigator gives reception staff a simple way to route patients to the most appropriate service. A simple set of questions will prompt the staff to direct the patient to the best options available.
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Improving quality in patient care through
integrated solutions

Valida is an in-consultation solution for non-clinical triage, clinical referral, decision support, shared care records and risk stratification. Designed for general practice by general practitioners and practice nurses, with our own expert IT development team, based on over a decade of real-life experience in New Zealand and Australia, the philosophy underlying the system is that it should slip seamlessly into the normal workflow, be intuitive, localised, and improve productivity and clinical outcomes.

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