Valida Referrals

Right Care, Paperless, Saving Time and Managing Workload

  • Valida Referrals offer high quality clinical decision support in your clinical workflow
  • Every referral matches local clinical priorities and follows NICE guidance
  • Referral forms are routed automatically to the correct location
  • Each Valida Referral extracts relevant information from the patient record to send with the form
  • A copy of the referral is automatically written back into the patient record
  • Any changes to key patient data in the form is written back to the patient record

Valida works alongside your patient management system of choice. When you need a referral, just select from our library of over 200 forms for all major specialties. Valida Referrals selects appropriate patient demographic information, allowing you to complete the referral based on local referral criteria, and automatically send it to the appropriate place.

Valida Referrals generates a referral form based on consultation findings, editable by the healthcare professional. Local criteria are checked to see whether the patient meets the agreed referral benchmarks, and an approved set of information is automatically included in the referral. Any details added to the patient record can be carried across into the referral with a single mouse click. If additional investigations are mandated prior to referral, this is flagged.

Valida Referrals automatically populates a locally agreed referral pro-forma with a full clinical summary of all the patient’s relevant information, which can be sent electronically with only one or two clicks of your mouse. Every detail is coded and written back into the patient’s clinical record. At the referral site, a package of information is delivered, including the referral form itself but also relevant medications and history compiled from the patient record and presented to you for approval before sending the referral.

Valida Referrals

Need an urgent referral? No problem. Valida Referrals supports two-week waits, and even supports you to decide when that is the most appropriate route. Working with you and your CCG, Valida is localised to match clinical priority policies, local directory of services and approved pathways based on NICE guidance.

A “Park” function allows you to put a form on hold for later completion. A simple prompt indicates where mandatory information is required, and helps you complete the form by showing where extra information is needed. Every referral is complete, along with a package of relevant patient history and medication information from their record, meaning no more toing and froing with other services. From ENT to paediatrics, from haematology to neurology, the library of referral forms supports every referral you need every day.

The automation of the process can save significant time per clinical session. The quality of the referrals has increased such that primary care referrals have been shown exceed the quality of the consultant to consultant referrals. Referrals are sent electronically where secondary care is able to accept them or can be printed locally for transmission in the traditional way, and the referral letter is automatically saved in the patient record system.

All in Real Time.

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Valida Decision Support developed around English NICE guidance and used in 98% of practices New Zealand Average of 118,000 hits per working day or 29.5 million per year
Valida works alongside your patient management system of choice. When you need a referral, just select from our library of over 200 forms for all major specialties.

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Single Record for Care Choices across the Healthcare System, Paperless, Managing Consent and Sharing Seamlessly.

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From first contact, on the phone or at the desk, Valida Care Navigator gives reception staff a simple way to route patients to the most appropriate service.

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Valida Decision Support is licensed from BPAC CS LP