Valida My Care Choices Register

Single Record for Care Choices across the Healthcare System, Paperless, Managing Consent and Sharing Seamlessly

  • Valida My Care Choices Register (MCCR) is an EPaCCS giving the whole care team access to a single updated record of patient choices
  • Integrated with GP systems, with read access to patient records
  • Available to care settings including hospital, 111, out of hours, hospice and emergency care
  • Consent managed and data sharing controlled according to patient choice
  • Reporting and audit available for management of patient groups
  • Used for end-of-life patients, but available for other patient groups

Patient preferences and care choices are relevant at all stages of an illness. In the past this has been delivered via different registers. Valida MCCR is designed to provide an all-encompassing register for the recording of patient choices. In this way, data can be captured about decisions relevant to the person at the right time. Some decisions may be relevant to all situations, whilst others may only need to be considered in the context of life limiting illness. By having one overarching register the public and their clinicians can become familiar with the concept of recording choices earlier in their illness allowing an ongoing discussion about priorities as their condition changes over time.

Future development plans include using a web portal to offer the opportunity for patients, and those they trust, having access to their care choice record, giving them confidence in the correct information being available whatever the care setting. Care Homes, therapy teams and Social Care providers will also then make use of Valida MCCR to improve patient care.

Valida My Care Choice Register

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Valida Decision Support developed around English NICE guidance and used in 98% of practices New Zealand Average of 118,000 hits per working day or 29.5 million per year
Valida works alongside your patient management system of choice. When you need a referral, just select from our library of over 200 forms for all major specialties.

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Single Record for Care Choices across the Healthcare System, Paperless, Managing Consent and Sharing Seamlessly.

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From first contact, on the phone or at the desk, Valida Care Navigator gives reception staff a simple way to route patients to the most appropriate service.

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Valida Decision Support is licensed from BPAC CS LP