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Decision support for health professionals: The UK’s leading integrated decision support already improving clinical outcomes and reducing inequalities in 98% of general practices in New Zealand.

  • Imagine a patient consultation, where your primary patient record system:
    • Identifies where your patient is at risk and suggests a treatment pathway, from asthma and depression, through to stroke/TIA.
    • Identifies where your patient is failing on treatment and suggests the next steps in the local pathway, to support your clinical decision.
    • Identifies when a referral is appropriate
      • based on local referral criteria,
      • automatically populates a locally agreed referral pro-forma with a full clinical summary of
      • all the patient’s relevant information
      • which can be sent electronically
    • Lets the specialist carry out a virtual consultation,
    • Supports you to create a goal orientated care-plan tailored to the patient’s current needs.
    • All in Real-Time

  • Imagine an NHS where:
    • Outcomes are improved with patients treated to evidence based guidelines.
    • Costs are reduced with a reduction in inappropriate referrals and missed treatment opportunities.
    • Secondary care has the supporting history and investigations to manage the patient.
    • Risk is managed and you are assured within consultation.
    • Wide range of clinical pathways based on NICE and other recognised guidelines
    • Customised to local requirements
    • Fully integrated into the standard workflow within the GP patient record system

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Valida Decision Support developed around English NICE guidance and used in 98% of practices New Zealand Average of 118,000 hits per working day or 29.5 million per year
Valida works alongside your patient management system of choice. When you need a referral, just select from our library of over 200 forms for all major specialties.

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Single Record for Care Choices across the Healthcare System, Paperless, Managing Consent and Sharing Seamlessly.

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From first contact, on the phone or at the desk, Valida Care Navigator gives reception staff a simple way to route patients to the most appropriate service.

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Valida Decision Support is licensed from BPAC CS LP