Valida Referrals


Valida Referrals contain condition specific guidance on patient referral management. Based on the patient’s clinical data and locally set criteria, this helps clinicians work through the referral process ensuring the locally agreed criteria for referral are being met and the required information is included in a standardised referral format. Mosaic Referrals covers:

  • Clinical referrals to community providers as well as secondary care.
  • Referrals for imaging studies.
  • Investigations.


By providing in-consultation guidance through the referral process, Mosaic Referrals ensure that each referral meets locally agreed criteria and the optimum amount of information is shared between healthcare professionals. This approach increases efficiency, patient and professional satisfaction whilst at the same time reducing inappropriate referrals and removing the need for referral triage services. As well as managing inappropriate referrals, Mosaic Referrals also identifies patients who should be referred for further assessment and management. The referral is available as an electronic file with functionality that allows the receiving healthcare professional to send back consultation notes to the referrer which can then be written straight back to the patient’s primary care record.

Valida Decision Support
Mosaic Referrals
Valida works alongside your patient management system of choice. When you need a referral, just select from our library of over 200 forms for all major specialties.

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From first contact, on the phone or at the desk, Valida Care Navigator gives reception staff a simple way to route patients to the most appropriate service.

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